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Holy Bible Kjv Burgundy – (English)

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The authorized version, commonly known as the King James Version or KJV, is an English translation of the Bible completed

Bro. Bakth Singh[TELUGU]

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  Bakht Singh Chabra?also known as?Brother Bakht Singh?(6 June 1903 ? 17 September 2000) was a Christian?evangelist?in?India?and other parts of?South Asia. He is often regarded as one of the most well-known Bible teachers and preachers and pioneers of the Indian Church movement and?Gospel contextualization. According to Indian traditions, he is also known as 'Elijah of 21st Century' in?Christendom.[citation needed]?According to his autobiography, Bakht Singh first experienced the love and presence of?Jesus?when he was an engineering student in Canada in 1929. Even though previously he had torn up the Bible and was strongly opposed to Christianity, he then became a Christian. He was India's foremost evangelist, preacher and indigenous church planter who founded churches and established Hebron Ministries. He began a worldwide indigenous church-planting movement in India that grew to more than 10,000 local churches. Singh died on 17 September 2000, in Hyderabad, India.[1][2]


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THIS IS THE STORY OF?BAKHT SINGH, a man who despite his human frailties and limitations God used to do extraordinary things. This amazing account of Bakht Singh?from a Sikh, to an atheist, to his miraculous conversion to Christ?is filled with examples of a life that is lived totally committed to God.


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The diverse doctrines of the Second Coming are alarming! In this confusion people are inclined to follow the false doctrine. They do not even have the discernment to know the basic order of the end time events, thus in a great dilemma.
  • What will be the future of this world when Christ comes the 2nd time?
  • What happens to the Church that is bought by His precious blood?
  • Will the Church be raptured or remain on earth during the Great Tribulation?
  • What kind of events take place before the Church is raptured/taken up?
  • When is the thousand year reign?
Rev. Dr. Isaiah gives scriptural explanations and appropriate answers to such queries in this book. ?In these last days, it is very important for all the Christians to leave aside their denominational, doctrinal and other differences and be a part of the Church that will be lifted up. Being a part of that Church is more important than our doctrines? says Dr. Isaiah.