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Who is a virtuous woman? How does she look like? What is the difference between an ordinary and a virtuous woman? They are as different as an imitation and a natural pearl, says the author of this book. The Bible tells us that such a woman is far more precious than jewels. King Solomon, the wisest ever human being had beautifully described the characteristics of a virtuous woman in the book of Proverbs. Sis.Beulah Timothy skillfully listed out those qualities and presented them in a wonderful way. The Virtous Woman is a plain commentary on Proverbs 31. Sis. Beulah Timothy was a graduate from an Agriculture University and was involved in Rural Develpoment activities for some years, in and around Vijayawada. Along with her husband, she was instrumental in establishing a Church at Ibrahimpatnam near Vijaywada in 1995. Presently they are serving the Lord through Hebron Fellowship in Behrain.