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Arthur Farstad, William MacDonald

Preach For Year #1 [TELUGU]

Preach for a Year provides the busy pastor or teacher with 104 sermon outlines, enough for two sermons every Sunday of the year! These outlines are biblical and indexed by Scripture passage. These practical and easy-to-use outlines are each structured in three steps. The introduction provides attention-getting thoughts for sermon starters. The body follows with several alliterated points of biblical exposition. The conclusion suggests practical questions and devotional thoughts for application. Here is a complete and comprehensive resource to help you preach the Word for an entire year.

Share Jesus Without Fear (TELUGU)

In recent years, the Share Jesus without Fear book and its growing family of ancillary products have sparked a faith-sharing movement that continues to gain momentum. It began with the jaw-dropping story of William Fay, once a money-driven businessman with Mafia ties who ran a house of prostitution until it was raided by police. Facing the threat of jail time, Fay turned to Jesus Christ for redemption and ever since has been turning others to Him as well.Now featuring a fresh new cover design, Share Jesus without Fear relays Fay's passionate, effective instructions on how to share the love of Christ with anyone--without feeling intimidated on either side of the conversation. Bold and joyful, the outreach movement continues without fear. (less)