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Everyone is different. We are all individuals, with different pasts, needs, dreams, hopes and fears. And everyone?s spiritual journey is different too. The Holy Spirit leads each Christian in the way his or her individuality requires. But although we may not travel along the road of discipleship at the same rate, there is a divine pattern at work. God uses common experiences and encounters to draw us ever closer to Himself. Join Selwyn in this issue as he considers what movement towards God looks like and how we can, each day, take one more step towards Christlike maturity.


Food for Faith is a Biblical reference manual. This will help us to apply biblical principles in our lives and to learn how to develop a more consistent and intimate walk with God. ?Food for Faith underlines scriptural principles and offers practical guidelines to those who are ready to partake of God?s ample provision in Christ. This book also encourages the reader to experience the joy of leading others to that same wonderful source of life.? ?Major Ian Thomas, Capernwray Missionary Fellowship, Colorado.