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Everyone is different. We are all individuals, with different pasts, needs, dreams, hopes and fears. And everyone?s spiritual journey is different too. The Holy Spirit leads each Christian in the way his or her individuality requires. But although we may not travel along the road of discipleship at the same rate, there is a divine pattern at work. God uses common experiences and encounters to draw us ever closer to Himself. Join Selwyn in this issue as he considers what movement towards God looks like and how we can, each day, take one more step towards Christlike maturity.


Food for Faith is a Biblical reference manual. This will help us to apply biblical principles in our lives and to learn how to develop a more consistent and intimate walk with God. ?Food for Faith underlines scriptural principles and offers practical guidelines to those who are ready to partake of God?s ample provision in Christ. This book also encourages the reader to experience the joy of leading others to that same wonderful source of life.? ?Major Ian Thomas, Capernwray Missionary Fellowship, Colorado.

Our Daily Bread Annual 2021 -Telugu

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With our hectic lives, it?s easy for other things to interrupt or get in the way of spending time with

Our Daily Bread Annual 2021-English

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With our hectic lives, it?s easy for other things to interrupt or get in the way of spending time with


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Now Power in Praise brings together some of the miracles wrought by the simple application of Biblical truth: all things work together for good.


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What The Bible Says To The Minister (Telugu)

You as God?s minister are today dealing with awesome pressures and expectations from every side. Hurting people constantly bring you their needs and questions, expecting you as God?s servant to solve and resolve them all. So where do YOU, God?s dearly beloved, find your solace and source of strength and answers? GOD?S VOICE FOR YOU WHEN YOU MOST NEED IT! In these 426 pages, you will find God speaking directly to you from 400 old and New Testament verses .Each chapter answers questions including?
  • Your call ? Your Purpose ? Your aim and goal
  • Your commission ? Your message ? Your preaching
  • Your duty toward false teaching and wrong doctrine
  • Your daily walk, personal life, and behavior
  • Your relations to family, critics, unbelievers
  • Your attitude toward suffering, death and rewards


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Everyone goes through difficult seasons, tough losses, and moments that feel unbearable. In today's world, people thirst more than ever for reassurance and guidance.?Streams in the Desert?provides a river of wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration to weary travelers. ABC's?Good Morning America?anchor Robin Roberts reads?Streams in the Desert?every day.?Roberts said, "It's my most prized possession?my family, each of us has a copy and we read it every morning?it just brings us closer together." In this edition, you'll find:
  • 366 devotions that appeal to men and women of all ages
  • A powerful collection of meditations, Christian writings, and Scripture
  • Precise NIV text to help believers embrace timeless messages of God's faithfulness
Streams in the Desert?offers a refreshing daily dip into God's purpose, plan, and enduring promise. The devotional is easy-to-read and is cherished amongst many generations.


In "Your Personal Encourager", Selwyn Hughes looks at 40 of life's most common problems, including fear, disappointment and bereavement. It will help with those times when we question and doubt God as well as tackle down to earth subjects such as facing redundancy, marriage failing and battling with sexual frustration. This book draws on the many years of ministry and counselling experience of the late Revd. Dr. Selwyn Hughes, giving his insightful knowledge, using scripture and a prayer to help one find strength in God, even in the hardest circumstances of life. It will help to bring a new confidence to your relationships and attitudes.